Taking a personal approach

On a personal level (and in addition to continuing to focus on our own personal development), we need to broaden our thinking to consider how we can build relationships and social networks to enable us to engage more effectively in the process of leadership.

We also need to be reflexive about our leadership assumptions and our preconceived ideas about our identity as a leader. This will enable us to respond flexibly to the changing needs of our own organisational and leadership context.

Approaches to development that incorporate contextual aspects of leadership include coaching, collaborative and cooperative inquiry processes, and appreciative inquiry.

  • The rise of the executive coach reflects the desire for individuals to work on a specific work-based problem with a coach who can ask insightful questions that enable learning.

  • Collaborative and cooperative inquiry processes are participatory approaches where a group of people inquire together into a live organisational issue. Through dialogue, the group explores the nature of the issue and identifies the most appropriate actions to be taken. Such groups can be self-facilitated or convened by an external facilitator.

  • Appreciative inquiry was popularised by Cooperrider and Srivastva (1982) as a way to facilitate groups to identify those aspects of their organisation that are working well and to encourage them to flourish and even ask ‘What’s going well here?’

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